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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

investing in real estate

investing in real estate
investing in real estate

Investing in real estate may involve so many things for profit such as the purchase, management, ownership, rental anything sale of real estate. In the present world, real estate is one of the trendings businesses where investing is the main matter.

Many reasons have to invest in real estate but special four reasons:

  1. Significant increases in value over time
  2. Leverage
  3. Tax Advantage
  4. Generation of Cash Flow
Significant increases in value over time:
Rul and supply depend in this case. For example: When supply is high demand is low( prices go down ) and when demand is high supply is low ( prices go up ).
It's called "neighborhood cycles".


If you want to know about leverage and how does work it then follow the following chart:
Suppose you have invested $10000 then the chart looks like

Tax Advantage
  • Gains are taxed as ordinary income except for qualified RE Pros.
  • Passive Loss Rules (Consult w/ CPA @ IRS).
  • Write off deduction: Insurance, Interest, RE Tax, Maintenance, and Repairs. 
( 97% of U.S. congressman have their own Investment properties )

Generation of Cash Flow
  • Over time, rents rise creating a cash flow stream that inflation-sensitive.
  • OPM ( Tenant Pays Mortage pick the right tenants ).
  • Cash Flow base On D.P. No money ( break-even cash flow to support 1-5 years ).
  • 20+%D.P ( positive cash flow to support 1-3 years ).
Real Estate Investments as Primary Retirement Vehicle
Rents rise with inflation
real estate
Real Estate


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